Language based riddles in Japanese mobile games: 遊園地からの脱出


I like to play Japanese mobile games to expand my vocabulary while having fun. Visual novels are quite an obvious choice when it comes to text-heavy games, but I also play a lot of escape games (脱出ゲーム) and puzzle-adventure games (謎解きゲーム), two genres that often overlap.

Whenever I play, I can’t help but think about potential localisation issues and challenges. 

One aspect that often comes up is the presence of language based puzzles and riddles, usually Japanese or Japanese + English. Continue reading

Book Review: The Game Localization Handbook


There are more and more web articles about video game localisation, but books are still somewhat scarce. I recently ordered a couple of Clyde Mandelin’s books on and I can’t wait to read them, but today I finally finished “The Game Localization Handbook” by Heather Maxwell Chandler and Stephanie O’Malley Deming, so here’s my 2 cents. Continue reading