No more formatting mess with Pure Text

No more formatting mess with Pure Text

How often do you copy-paste text from whatever source to your word processor? I do that a lot, especially since I started using One Note. Don’t you hate it when you copy something from the web and pasting it messes up your formatting (different colours, font and the like)? Fear not, Pure Text will come to your rescue. 

Its use is quite straightforward: you set a shortcut (mine is CTRL <) and when you use it Pure Text removes the original formatting (and optionally pastes the text to the active window). As simple as that.

Previously, I had tried Fast Keys. It had a lot of cool features besides this one (like setting a shortcut to automatically google selected text, I miss that a lot), but it interfered with some other programs and games, so in the end I was shutting it down more than I was using it. I still recommend it though, especially if you write a lot (it has text expander and auto complete). Anyway, I couldn’t give up on removing formatting (it really saves a LOT of time), so I resorted to Pure Text, which you install and simply forget about when you aren’t using it.

That’s it, happy copy-pasting!

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