Hubspot Email Marketing Certification: an overview

Hubspot Email Marketing Certification


As a nice break from Google AdWords (or Google Ads, following the 2018 rebranding), I recently took on the Hubspot Email Marketing Certification.

The course is made up of 10 lessons (three to seven short videos, with an average of 20 minutes of video contents for each lesson), at the end of which you can take the final exam to get your certification.

Email marketing course

All videos have downloadable slides and transcripts, which are really useful if you are taking notes elsewhere. I noticed some minor discrepancies (they probably changed the script and forgot to update the transcript), but anyway better than automatic transcript.

There are also links to extra resources (mostly blog posts from the Hubspot website) to deepen your understanding. Chosen topics are spot on and contribute to enhance your learning experience.

Test your skills

Short quizzes (4-5 questions) end every lesson and sometimes you can find graded practical exercise, which involve the use of the Hubspot Email platform. I personally would have preferred more detailed briefs for these exercises (like a fictional company description and proposed goals), but getting feedback is always appreciated.

The final exam comprises 60 questions in multiple choice format. Some are a little bit tricky, but if you studied all the material you will need far less time than the allotted three hours.

Moreover, after the exam you will get an email with the exam breakdown, so you can review your wrong answers (no recommended resources, but your notes and your favourite search engine are your friends :D)

Interested? Go for it!

All in all, I found the explanations clear and on point, so I will definitely go through their other certifications.  If you want to try the certification yourself, you can head to the Hubspot website.

Stay tuned for more posts about digital marketing certifications!


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