Google Digital Garage Certification

Google Digital Garage Certification


When you think about digital marketing, Google products are ubiquitous. From Google Analytics to AdWords, through tons of different tools I didn’t even know existed,  you just can’t skip training. And what’s better than Google itself providing that training?

What is Google’s Digital Garage?

Google Digital Garage is a free platform by Google that offers tutorials to improve your skills. As the certification’s subtitle says, it is about ‘The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing‘. From analytics to paid advertising, you will find a broad range of digital marketing topics to study at your own pace.

At the end of your training, you will earn the Google Digital Garage Certification, lasting one year.

Besides online lessons, periodically Google offers free face-to-face workshops (in the UK, mainly Manchester and Edinburgh, sometimes London).

You can check if there’s an upcoming workshop in your area on Google’s website.

The course

I completed the training last month and I’m really happy with it. To be clear, it only scratches the surface of digital marketing (I’m studying for the AdWords certification right now and that goes much more in details), but it’s a good starting point (and FREE, which is a nice bonus).

The course features short videos and quizzes along the way to check your knowledge. It gives you a nice overview of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing), as well as general advertising strategy and on point insights into Google solutions like Google my Business, Keyword Planner etc. It helps you pick up relevant knowledge and also suggests useful tools (including non-Google ones).

Gamified approach

Going through all the material will unlock 26 badges (one for each topic, for a total of 106 lessons). Once you get all the badges, you can take the final exam and earn the digital garage certificate.

Stay tuned for more posts about digital marketing certifications!

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