Google AdWords Certifications: study tips

Google AdWords Certification


Most digital marketing roles require knowledge of AdWords. Getting Google certified is an excellent starting point and gives you something to add to your CV. Like the Digital Garage certification,  you can take it for free, so you have one excuse less not to reduce the risk of making costly mistakes with campaign setup and optimization. 

Learn about paid advertising

If you head to the Academy for Ads, you will be able to go through the learning material and take the related assessments.

Every certification is valid for one year after completion. You can check the expiration date from your profile or homepage.

Lessons are easy to digest and with several quizzes along the way (in a format similar to the assessment) to test your knowledge.

However, they are sometimes too shallow and over simplified. This can be especially frustrating if you happen to fail an assessment: you are not showed the wrong answers, but get a list of recommended activities based on your performance. While this is greatly appreciated, the thing is that you still won’t get your doubts cleared with that material. Google itself has more in depth study guides, which would definitely be more useful to link to in this kind of situation.

An outline of my study method

1. I skip the lessons on “Academy for Ads” and first go through the above mentioned study guides.

2. I copy-paste (editing as I see fit) relevant contents on a OneNote document. Extra details like campaign setup instructions go into an additional page.

3. Whenever something isn’t clear, I look for other resources and edit my notes.

4. I colour-code everything.

5. I read it once again and write short summaries on the side, highlighted in a different colour.

6. Once I am comfortable with the material, I head to the Academy for Ads and go through the lessons: they are very useful as a recap and I compare them with my notes to add any extra detail.

7. I go over my notes once again and then take the assessment.

8. After the test, I check my notes to see if I got something wrong and to write down any additional info about questions where I had no clue.

I got high marks on my first try with this method and I hope it will be useful to anyone who is studying AdWords.

Stay tuned for more posts about digital marketing certifications!

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