Kickstart your New Year productivity [Book Review]

The Productivity Habits Book Review

January wishes

With a new year come new resolutions, what’s yours? One of mine is to read more, and it’s one of the reasons why I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited (spoiler: more book reviews to come). Still, leafing through a new book is always a pleasure, even more so when you enjoy the read.

In Italy, green is linked with hope. In this case, we could say that the bright green of The Productivity Habits by Ben Elijah speaks of the hope of being more productive. Actually, it’s more than a hope: it’s a method. Which is definitely better when you’re trying to form good habits!

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Digital journal: my dark diary – App review

App Review My Dark Diary


I recently took up bullet journaling (well, I’m still in trial stage), so I wanted an app to get used to the system and log tasks on the go. Actually, there’s an official one called “The Bullet Journal Companion“, but I didn’t like the feel of it, especially the lack of customization: I am trying to set up a system that works for me, so I wanted something as similar as possible to what I am going to use on my bullet journal. Continue reading