Book Review: The Influence Book

The Influence Book by Nicole Soames

A couple of weeks ago, I passed by WHSmith at London Luton Airport. I was looking for something to read on the plane and this new book by Nicole Soames caught my eye:

The Influence book - Nicol Soames

Yeah, you got me

I mean, look at it: it’s the perfect format to throw *gently put* in the bag. Besides being lightweight to carry, it is printed with orange ink on cream paper, so it’s easy on the eyes. I’ll definitely get more books from this series.

The Influence Book - Nicole Soames. Inside picture

Let’s not judge a book (only) by its cover: what is The Influence Book about? As you guessed from the title, it’s about influencingthe ability to leverage your emotional intelligence to communicate effectively so that you make it easy for the other person to say yes.

The structure

The book is divided into seven parts (excluding the introduction):

  1. Developing a confident mindset
  2. Setting yourself up for influencing success
  3. Understanding the importance of relationships
  4. Influencing through storytelling
  5. Delivering an influential story
  6. Controlling the influential conversation
  7. Keeping fit for influencing

Merits of The Influence Book

What I really appreciated is that the book it’s not about dirty tricks to manipulate other people (as it often happens with publications about NLP and the like), but rather about YOU, your listening skills and communication style. And it’s full of practical exercises and actionable takeaways (summarized for your convenience at the end of each chapter).

I particularly enjoyed parts two and six: the first relies on the DISC model to explain different communication styles and how to adapt to each one in order to boost effectiveness; the latter is a practical guide to deal with different interactions (questions, tactics, issues and negotiation).

The sections about storytelling are also very informative and provide you with an actionable framework to set up a compelling story.

Wrapping up, I definitely recommend this book if you are into effective communication.

Stay tuned for more book reviews!

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